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Who am I


I've worked as professional developer for over 10 years, using many different technologies in many different industries.


Here I document and discuss my passion for development and technology.


I build and host websites for my customers, with multiple tiers to choose from.


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Code highlighting with PrismJs
Code highlighting with PrismJs

The library that I use across this site is called PrismJs it's an easy and clean JavaScript library for styling and highlighting code. It's simple to configure download and use, so I will

25 Jan 21
Security tools I use in my daily life
Security tools

The security tools I use range from VPNs, encrypted emails and secure messaging. These tools facilitate different needs and allow me access different security protocols when necessary.

01 Jan 21
Using Polly to retry HTTP requests in .net
Using polly retry policy

An example on how to use Polly's SDK to retry HTTP requests in .net. The Polly SDK has several policies which allow developers to express HTTP logic such as retries.

28 Dec 20