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Configure Proton VPN in Unifi

Configuring Unifi to route network traffic via Proton VPN

18 Dec 23
Azure Copy Permissions Error

Solving the Azure Copy permissions by ensuring that the correct roles are applied to the service principal at the storage account IAM level.

02 Jan 22
Media NAS Pi Server

Creating a NAS drive can be a simple affair however maintainability becomes an issue when you are beholden to specific OEMs. An alternative is to try and configure your server as much as possible using this method of a Pi and a SSD.

03 May 22
Unifi & PiHole Configuration

Configuring PiHole and Unifi for DNS content filtering

19 Feb 22
SonarCloud Code Analysis

Using & configuring SonarCloud code analysis on a nodeJs project for static code anaylsis.

08 Jan 22
Code highlighting with PrismJs
Code highlighting with PrismJs

The library that I use across this site is called PrismJs it's an easy and clean JavaScript library for styling and highlighting code. It's simple to configure download and use, so I will

25 Jan 21
Security tools I use in my daily life
Security tools

The security tools I use range from VPNs, encrypted emails and secure messaging. These tools facilitate different needs and allow me access different security protocols when necessary.

01 Jan 21
Using Polly to retry HTTP requests in .net
Using polly retry policy

An example on how to use Polly's SDK to retry HTTP requests in .net. The Polly SDK has several policies which allow developers to express HTTP logic such as retries.

28 Dec 20
Testing Intl.NumberFormat in ReactJs using Jest
Testing Intl.NumberFormat in ReactJs using Jest

I have a reactjs component that uses the Intl.NumberFormat class

16 Jun 20
Google Tag Manager
Using Google Tag Manager

Reducing the amount of 3rd party scripts on your site is essential for performance and security reasons.

31 May 20
Securing your network for IoT devices
Securing your network for IoT devices

We are going to create 3 main rules which will prevent the IoT network from communicating with the main network, except to see the DNS server.

10 May 20
Introducing reactjs into existing ASP.NET core application
Introducing reactjs into existing ASP.NET core application

You'll also need to add some script tags on that same page which reference the react libraries & the script file that will contain all of the custom components created for the application

09 Apr 20
Azure Function with Blob Trigger
Azure Functions with Blob Trigger

Azure functions are a great way to encapsulate core non sequential functionality that can be run in a background process

02 Jan 20
Upgrading to .NET Core 3.0
.NET Core 3.0

I recently migrated from .NET Core 2.0 to .NET Core 3.0 and here's the steps I had to take. Upgrade all project references from 2.0 -> 3.0

19 Dec 19
Client Authentication using NodeJs
Client Authentication using NodeJs

Below I will demonstrate how to setup a server running NodeJs that performs client certification authentication which will reject any requests not made with a valid certificate.

03 Mar 18
Serialising a root certificate for Azure VPN
Base 64 string for Azure certificates

Below shows a code example of how to covert a certificate to a Base64 string in order to create a point to site VPN for use with Azure.

14 Mar 17
DEIDRE - The process of addressing security incidents

What does a company do when a security incident happens? How do they react? What is the process that they follow to resolve the issue and ensure that it doesn't happen again?

26 Feb 17
What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for virtual private network. It's purpose is to create a connection between your computer and another network securely, e.g. connecting to a work network.

10 Jan 17
Client Certificate Authentication in IIS
Client certification authentication in IIS

This article will demonstrate how to force client certificate authentication using Internet Information Services 10. (This may be applicable to other versions of IIS.)

14 Oct 16
Apple AirPods vs Samsung Gear IconX vs Bragi Dash
Gear IconX

It's that time again. Now that Apple have released their truly wireless earbuds its time for a comparison of the what the market is currently offering.

09 Sep 16
Creating a 404 Rule in ASP.NET Core
Creating a 404 not found page in ASP.NET Core

Creating a NotFound / 404 rule within ASP.NET Core is quite simple, and once you've created that you'll be able to create custom error pages for all error status codes.

13 Feb 16
Restarting Node Express

I am going to outline (as briefly as possible) how to ensure a Node application is restarted effectively if an uncaught exception is thrown, whether that exception is synchronous or asynch

13 Feb 16
Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is a two step process which is used by websites to login users. There are many forms of two factor authentication, but for this blog I will focus on the process t

28 Nov 15
HDD Docking Station
Hard Disk Drive Docking Station

I've always contemplated about whether to get a solid state drive or by a new laptop. Finally I decided on both! The change in performance is incredible. I bought my new HDD from Crucial a

21 Oct 15
Google Takeout
Taking all your data out of Google

Ever though about moving all of your photos or maybe all of data out of Google? Google Takeout is the answer to your problems.

09 Oct 15
Productivity Power Tools 2012

There are many features which come with Productivity Power Tools 2012 (aka free mini resharper), however one of my favourite features is the new solution wide Remove and Sort.

14 Aug 13
Deploying with Visual Studio 2012 (and Visual Studio 2010)

The key to this publish dilemma is Publish Profiles, Using these will change your life forever. These can be created manually but the easiest way is to use the publish wizard in Visual Stu

18 Jul 13
JQuery Brazilian Portuguese DatePicker

JQuery has a lot of plugins and add-ons which allow you to achieve some powerful customisations

28 May 13
Working with OAuth 2.0
OAuth 2.0 logo

OAuth 2.0 is a protocol (set of rules) which allows you to access a user's personal information without having to know their user credentials, i.e. username or password

16 Feb 13
Working with Team Foundation Service

I'm up and running now with Team Foundation Service, and I can say that I'm quite impressed. http://tfs.visualstudio.com/en-us/ I've set up a continuous integration environment at https://

20 Dec 12
Release management and release process

In my experience as a developer I have observed various release processes that are used to get code to production

25 Nov 12
File not found exception
File not found

Have you ever seen a error like the one below: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Missing.Assembly.dll, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken

28 Sep 12
Upgrading to Windows 8

Bonjour Amigos, Just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro on the following machine: (Just look at the spec)

27 Aug 12
ADO.NET with custom DB providers

Using ADO.NET is a great way to connect to data provider that exists outside the .NET framework to connect to a database. There are many data providers out there, MySQL,PostgreSQL, FlySpee

02 Jul 12