HDD Docking Station


Ever though about updating your computer's hard disk?

I've always contemplated about whether to get a solid state drive or by a new laptop. Finally I decided on both! The change in performance is incredible. I bought my new HDD from Crucial and my docking station from Amazon. Two very simple and inexpensive devices which provide enough power for my daily needs.

The docking station takes 2.5' and 3.5' hard disk drives (they can also be Solid State Drives) which can easily be attached and removed by pulling on the drive. Once you have connected the external drive to your computer via the USB port (try and use a USB 3.0 port), you can then use a device cloning software to copy all of your files from your current hard disk drive to the USB connected drive.

Once the copying process is complete you can simply replace your current hard disk drive with your new drive enjoying the new speeds.